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Muitine for documents filling


Muitine - cutoms system


For the purposes of this program, the following measures may be taken and the following documents shall be drawn up:


  • exports (MDAS),

  • imports (MDAS),

  • General Declaration of Conformity (MDAS),

  • Joint Declaration of Equity (MDAS),

  • ogólne dokumenty tranzytowe (NCTS),

  • Carnet TIR (NCTS).

The following measures:



  • two reports on Intrastat forms,

  • tworzyć określone reports,

  • report form UPS-01, UPS-02,

  • create XML document,

  • report on the Internet.

"Customs warehouse"


  • składowanie celne,

  • czasowe składowanie towarów w składzie celnym,

  • increase in the cost of construction,

  • the Czech Republic,

  • relocation of towers in the terminal area,

  • publishing towers in other magazines.

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