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The accelerated digitalisation of the last few years has made warehouses adopt measures that optimise time, processes and manpower. Having a smart warehouse seems complicated and distant for many administrators. However, step by step you can adapt your warehouse with technologies that are considered as intelligent. 

We are not talking about robots and technologies that require a high investment. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) brings facilities that make your processes smarter.

The aviWMS helps to optimise the warehousing process by improving the flow of information. As a result, the whole process will be more agile since resources and manpower will be better utilised.

The Ekspediana's Company Manager, Mantvydas Čiapas, reports his experience for the administration and control of the warehouse with aviWMS. Mantvydas highlights the Clients Portal feature, which is to allow their customers access to a personalised version of the WMS. The customer can perform actions within the software, making many processes easier for the warehouse administrator. Watch: 

Adopting technologies that help you gather accurate data and control every step of the warehouse will allow you to make better decisions whenever necessary. Request a free demo of aviWMS to learn more about our software.

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