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The amount of goods stored in a warehouse can increase from time to time due to the season or the success of your business. However, this sudden increase in demand can cause problems if your warehouse is not prepared.  

It is crucial that the warehouse is managed efficiently in these moments to maintain the company's good reputation. 

Mantvydas Čiapas is General Manager at Ekspediana, a successful warehouse located in Vilnius, Lithuania. He says that recently his warehouse has experienced an increase in customers and the amount of goods stored. In order to maximise profits, the warehouse had to adapt. Check out his testimonial: 

Currently, there is no efficient alternative to manage the warehouse without the help of technology. An adequate Warehouse Management System (WMS) has to have information available and updated in real time, so that all this demand adaptation is done in the best possible way. 

The increase in demand is a good indicator of growth. However, for this growth to occur in a sustainable way is necessary to be open to change. aviMWS can help you!

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