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ModernLog 2023: Avi Software stands out with innovative logistics solutions

Avi Software - one of the companies of Avilda's group - successfully participated in ModernLog 2023 trade fair, held last week from 30 May to 02 June in Poznań, Poland. The company is establishing its name in Poland, where it offers aviWMS - software for warehouse management. 

ModernLog is recognized as one of the biggest industry events in Central Europe, bringing together experts, professionals and innovative companies to share knowledge, present solutions and discuss the latest trends in logistics.

This year, Avi Software teamed up with its partners Unitech and VCN - Trzymaj Nadzór to bring a modern and attractive stand. The result: hundreds of people visited the stand and were able to learn about the solutions offered by the companies.

Andrzej Łuksza, Executive Director of Avilda, emphasised the company's commitment to driving digital transformation in the logistics sector. He said, "We are very pleased with our participation at ModernLog 2023. It was a valuable opportunity for us to connect with industry professionals and showcase our innovative solutions. Our aim is to empower logistics companies to meet the challenges of today's market and the future by providing them with the right tools to optimise their operations."

Avi Software presented aviWMS to many businesses interested in optimising their operations in warehouses across Poland.   

Rafał Glanz, Project Manager at Avi Software, commented on the positive reaction from the visitors: "We received incredibly positive feedback during ModernLog. Logistics professionals are looking for solutions that boost their efficiency and competitiveness."

Avi Software's participation at ModernLog 2023 has consolidated its position as one of the best technology companies for warehouses.

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