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Cloud computing is becoming popular worldwide since many systems have adopted this solution permanently. A system on-premise (local installation on a physical server) brings limitations and unnecessary costs, such as the high acquisition cost of installing servers.

aviWMS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) on the cloud and you pay a monthly fee to use its services. A Warehouse Management System like this provides numerous benefits for your business. Check out why having a system in the cloud is so important for your warehouse:

  • Scalability

One of the benefits is the ability to scale demand. It means that the operating capacity of your warehouse can be increased and incorporated into the WMS immediately without the need for large or complex changes.

Another important factor to consider is seasonality. If there are periods of the year when your amount of work is higher than others, it is unnecessary to invest in system expansion and then leave it unused.

  • Flexibility

Less physical infrastructure means more flexibility. A device and internet are all that's needed to access the cloud. This way, any authorized person can access it, even remotely. It opens up new possibilities for your warehouse, such as remote monitoring.

  • Cost

The cost of implementation is lower when it does not involve new equipment purchases and hiring IT professionals to do the installation and maintenance. Whereas with cloud computing, these costs and electricity can be saved. It does not mean there are no costs in cloud computing, but the return on investment is faster.

  • Security

Cloud computing can sound bad for some people due to the data being in the virtual world, but there is no reason to worry. It is a popular myth that the data and applications on-premises are safer and more secure. But on-premises applications and the data are actually less secure than cloud applications. On-premise solutions also rely on internet access and have fewer resources for protecting against intrusions. Data on-premises is also less secure due to the possibility of physical disasters such as fires or flooding that can result in total data loss.

With a professional cloud your information is safe with technologies that protect against hacking and potential threats. Additionally, aviWMS is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a highly reliable platform.

Cloud computing meets any kind of demand. aviWMS allows your warehouse to grow and keep up with changing customer needs and market trends. Our software brings a unique sophistication that permits you to control and manage the various stages of warehouse operation. You can request a free demonstration of this and other solutions.

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