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Clients Portal: connect your customers directly to your WMS and enjoy the benefits

Managing different customers and their different orders sounds hard in the warehouse management routine. However, it can be much easier if the correct tools are in use. The clients can create their orders and cargos with aviWMS by themselves all through a single system. Furthermore, the clients can:

  • create their order and cargos giving details and specifications;

  • know the status of the orders on a real-time basis;

  • receive the invoice and transparently see the details.

The Client's Portal is a Warehouse Management System’s function that allows warehouse customers to have access to their data in real-time on the same system securely. Hence, the whole process starts with the client who can create the orders and cargos. They fill in order details and define the services and actions the warehouse must do with that load, such as weighing or taking pictures.

Thus, the warehouse customers have the autonomy to place orders directly into the warehouse system with no need to exchange emails and phone calls. It significantly optimizes the warehouse operators' routine as they will not have to do the work of registering the cargo. It will also minimize errors that can happen when the information is spread out on several platforms.

The customer can see in real-time which stage the order is at. It guarantees the transparency of your process and boosts the credibility of your business.

Avoid communication problems

The customers can change the order as many times as needed before sending it to the warehouse and it is saved as a draft to avoid misunderstanding. They can also send an Urgent Message when they need to talk to the warehouse operator but the order has already started to run.

Then the warehouse operator sees the notification at particular order and the customer knows whether the message has been read or not. It saves time and makes communication more efficient when the clients and administrator know exactly which order needs attention.

Services and Invoices

Your customers can access and download all the services provided by the warehouse and the cost of each action taken.

Your customer sees the operations performed on each order and their cost.

The customer always has full transparency of the invoice content and is able to check any detail without involving the warehouse administrator. It would require long tables preparation and email exchanges without the Warehouse Management System.

To sum up, the industry demands an organized and transparent system due to a large amount of information we are in touch with every day. Avilda can offer the Client’s Portal simply and quickly since our system is entirely made in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. Invest in this competitive advantage!

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